April 16, 2016

Equity Investment Bank Limited is based in Nairobi, Kenya

YHM Consulting inks collaborative agreement with Equity Investment Bank Kenya for investment opportunities in Ethiopia.


 Equity Investment Bank (EIB) has entered into a collaborative agreement with YHM Consulting to undertake investment opportunities. The agreement is a part of its market development strategies. Under the agreement, the two organizations will collaborate closely on investment venture research, sales and trading platforms. YHM Consulting and EIB will collaborate and provide debt financing and equity investment. Equity Investment Bank also has a profound interest in agricultural activities namely fruits and vegetables.


Equity Investment Bank (EIB) offers inclusive, customer focused financial services that socially and economically empower clients and other stakeholders to further expand opportunities.

April 14, 2015

CBI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands

Ethiopia Specialty Coffee Event


YHM Consulting signed an agreement with CBI to facilitate and assist in selection and recruitment of companies to participate in the CBI Export Coaching Programme (ECP) as local Business Support Organizations (BSO's).


 This a new 4-year programme aimed at sustainable economic development through the expansion of exports to the European Union and regional markets. This Netherlands Government programme, under the management of the promotion of imports from developing countries (CBI), staged a strategic conference in Addis Ababa, March 2015, where representatives from the public and private sector gathered to agree and prioritize on the main export obstacles and opportunities, identify intervention areas, discussed and selected potential markets, and developed a way forward for further development.


Following the conference this comprehensive 4-year programme engaged stakeholders in the value chain to strengthen their competitive capacity as well as support infrastructure through business audits and action plans, business development, export capacity building, certification, market entry (regional and EU), training and market research. This programme was designed specifically for the Ethiopian Specialty Coffee exports to reach an additional 3 million Euros target by 2019.

March 16, 2014

Awash Wine S.C.

YHM Consulting signed an agreement with 8 Miles to find investment opportunities in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector of Ethiopia


 On March 16, 2014, YHM Consulting signed a deal with 8 miles to assist the UK based multinational firm to locate a highly lucrative FMCG local company to form a Joint Venture. YHM Consulting facilitated due diligence, project management, risk assessment, the bidding process follow up and fund transfer of the assets to the new joint venture registered as the Blue Nile Investment. An expansion of the vineyard, advanced equipment with aggressive marketing to a broader prospective market was gained from the joint venture.

October 17-19, 2011

Singularis Advisors

Africa - Sustainable investment & Development Summit


 A summit organized by Singularis advisors, a Spanish based investment advisors and YHM Consulting was successfully completed at the Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa.


The summit brought both institutional and Private Investors from the West, the Middle East and Africa together. This summit was different from all other conferences that often take place in Addis. It is unique because it was a deal making meeting between institutional and private investors who want to invest in Africa and companies who need financing for new startup or existing companies. Companies who need funding had submitted their business plans in advance to advisor firm, which sent all business plans to institutional and private investors.


After the investors review the business and selecting the companies they chose to meet and consider investing met at Hilton Addis from October 17 to 19 to have a one to one meeting. In the one to one meeting companies who need investment had a chance to present to one financing organization at a time and negotiate conditions of investment. The companies registered had a chance to meet from 6 to 16 investors in the 3 days secession.


The sector of investment was also very diverse. Some institutional investors, like Silk investing were looking to invest in food and consumable product sector while other consider investing in energy, mining, infrastructure, communication, hospitality and real estate. Some were looking to direct invest in companies and other through institutions. Some companies were selective in investment requirement clearly stating they would in sustainable development and clean technologies and others like 8 Miles, which is associated with Sir Bob Geldof, exclude investment opportunities in sectors like mining, oil exploration, tobacco, alcohol production or other sectors they consider being less ethical.

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