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Investment Advisory

YHM Consulting, an investment advisory pioneer in its own right, is helping our clients to achieve their goals with less hassle, while delivering exceptional advice that increases business profitability and a clear outlook for managing challenges and exploiting opportunities in the emerging Ethiopian market place. We identify the best invest opportunities and provide advisory services to reduce bureaucracy.


YHM has been an independent investment advisor since the creation of the firm in 2011. Not being affiliated with a particular large bank or any individual financial institution allows us to tailor solutions for clients without incurring a conflict of interest.


Our Investment advisory portfolio features successfully consulting start-ups to corporate giants, and primarily consists of entrepreneurs, Multinational Corporations and private equity firms. This has awarded YHM Consulting a reputation as a small advisory giant to all investment ventures in Ethiopia. We see all of our advisory assignments from both the client’s and the owner’s point of view, which assists us in providing sound investment advisory services in Ethiopia.


We have a very close personal insight into the local market employing European standards, and an intuitive grasp of – the strategic solutions and transaction structures needed for business growth. Inherently, therefore, we are able to develop creative deal structures and give clients the nuts and bolts of investments.


At YHM Consulting, our investment and advisory service is predicated on our wholehearted desire and aim to provide an improved business climate here in Ethiopia, with the appropriate consultative advice to facilitate the emerging Ethiopian and African business development renaissance. We not only feel it is important to create new businesses and opportunities, but, we also have the ability to advise and save successful businesses from failure, or from falling into the hands of creditors.

Merger and Acquisition

YHM Consulting is one of the leading Merger and Acquisition advisors to the Ethiopian market. At YHM Consulting we take crucial investigation to determine the outcome of mergers and acquisitions to our clients and we are highly capable of identifying threats and challenges, and advise on the most appropriate actions to take, ensuring that nothing is lost or at stake.


Our experts are accustomed to the Ethiopian way of doing business to provide the most effective platform to serve our clients. Our knowledge base is evolving continually in step with the changing economic and industry cycles, as well as legislative developments in fields such as taxation, competition law and environmental compliance.


YHM Consulting has represented numerous Ethiopian and International clients engaged in takeovers, bids for government privatization deals, acquisitions, restructuring, and privatizations.


What we cover:

• Takeovers, mergers and acquisitions in both private and public markets

• Due diligence investigations

• Management/leveraged buyouts

• Private equity

• Privatizations

• Group restructuring and reorganization

• Corporate finance and structuring


Debt Financing

At YHM Consulting we take the stress and alarm out of debt and borrowing and present concrete options to our clients asserting them of their ownership all the way. Our extensive expertise in preparing and placing various debt instruments, in order to achieve the broadest reach to businesses of all sizes, we will provide a variety of debt finance, as follows:


• Long-term loans to companies and financial institutions

• Risk sharing and guarantees for instance, in trade finance

• Debt funds

• Debt mezzanine finance such as subordinated loans


Implementation of our recommendations helps our clients to reach a broader investor base and to further reduce costs of borrowing. YHM Consulting has long adopted a flexible approach towards investing; over the years of consulting clients we have developed tailored services to meet to the needs of our clients.


Equity Investments and Debt Financing for Start-ups

Debt financing for startups can take a variety of forms and, depending on the form and source of financing, may co-exist with equity investment in your business. Debt can be used to benefit all shareholders, including founders and investors, to fund the growth of the business without further diluting the ownership position of the existing shareholders.


YHM Consulting reduces the hassle that many early-stage startups face, especially not being able to borrow from traditional sources, such as banks and financial institutions, because they do not have a track record of cash flow or liquid assets to make required loan and interest payments. We have the privilege to offer our clients the best solutions by help them acquire a substantial amount of funding from various UK, Swiss and Kenyan based financial institutions.

Manufacturing Operations

Maintaining high quality and low costs is crucial for all manufacturing businesses today. YHM’s ‘board room to shop-floor’ approach helps companies in every phase of setting up manufacturing operations, to more lean manufacturing, and also  the all-important crucial aspect of access to the market.


Our range of manufacturing advisory services covers technical and management support to all industries in Ethiopia with professional staff training, setup of new manufacturing plants, sourcing of materials and documents, providing specialist training, and outsourcing laboratory testing, among others. We also provide;


• Feasibility studies for start-up of manufacturing facilities

• Due-diligence on acquisition of each manufacturing facility

• Assist with machinery specification

• Assist companies on machinery purchase, erection and commissioning

• Lean manufacturing

• Supply chain management

• Material sourcing

Business Plan Preparation

Save money and time with us, we prepare professional business plans with in-depth feasibility marketing studies. You only have one chance at nailing that crucial first impression with investors and lenders. A persuasive and attractive business plan, financial projection, pitch deck, and executive summary can make your path to funding much, much shorter. Let us guide you, with our ongoing support we will implement and update your business plan as needed.


Know if You Can Make a Profit

This is the single most important quality that distinguishes us from other consulting firms. We inform you if the business is profitable or not and give advice on similar business or drop the idea altogether.


Since our inception in 2010, YHM Consulting has helped many of entrepreneurs and startup businesses take important steps toward achieving their goals by help them develop a winning strategy. We avoid mistakes; we know what works and what doesn’t.


No Outsourcing or Copy and Paste

At YHM Consulting we don’t outsource your business plan, we create your unique business plan. From Day One, you will deal directly with the senior business plan consultant who will actually work with you. Personal relationships matter, and you need to know exactly whom you’re dealing with.


Get Investors and Other Financiers to Notice

Most entrepreneurs can’t get investors to return their calls. A majority of our business plan clients are able to secure meetings with potential investors and acquire funding.

Brand Management

Building and managing a brand can be a complex task that could take decades to be effective. Brand management is a function of marketing that uses techniques to increase the perceived value of a product line or brand over time. Effective brand management enables the price of products to go up and builds loyal customers through positive brand associations and images or a strong awareness of the brand.


YHM Consulting approach to brand management is simple and easy, we include the full spectrum of managing a brand,

we offer:

• brand equity strategic plan

• brand value insight

• brand strategic plan

• brand identity creation and visual guidelines

• brand guardianship advice



our Capabilities

Five Due Diligences, Valuations Assets, Manufacturing Process Plan, Operations Reviews, Benefit Plan Services, bid document Preparation and more




Process Plan



Benefit Plan


Bid Document




Five Due Diligences

We provide specialized deal and related services to a wide range of corporate and private equity clients. Our expertise is complemented by industry and functional experts to ensure our clients receive a seamless and flexible service for all their transactions.

Our transactions methodology

  • Deal alignment to strategic business objectives
  • Timely response to market and competitor dynamics
  • Robust financial and business due diligence
  • Value-adding business integration processes that maximize synergies
  • Finance transformation in response to reporting, accounting and tax structure ramifications of the transaction

Operational Transaction Services

Our experts provide a full range operational transaction support and advice supporting both buyers and sellers. We cover a wide range of operational aspects, including:

  • Operational due diligence
  • Synergy assessment and delivery
  • Supporting the integration process



Personalized Transactions Services

We take a personalized approach, working with you to identify your specific objectives and then adapting our processes to best achieve them.

Making the transaction

  • Strategic Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Deal Structuring
  • Merger Information
  • Business Valuations
  • Working Capital Adjustments



Advising the portfolio company

  • Operations performance reviews
  • Corporate governance
  • Benefit plan services

Selling the portfolio company

Sell-side consulting

How we help our clients

Our aim is to create and preserve value for our clients. We see transactions through an investor's lens and are focused on helping clients identify, evaluate, and successfully implement their growth strategies in today's complex business landscape.


We work with clients to assess and analyze proposed transactions, highlighting the value drivers, risks, and opportunities in the deal. We typically remain involved through the life cycle of the deal. We also help our clients to complete deals faster, with less disruption and on more favorable terms.


Large or small, simple, or complex, we bring commercial knowledge, industry insight, robust analytical skills, accounting and technical heritage to all engagements.

  • THE FIVE Due Diligences

    Acquisition Due Diligence

    If you are looking to purchase a business, you will maximize your ability to make an informed investment decision if you have access to swift and comprehensive analysis around the key issues.


    Vendor Due Diligence

    Investors increasingly expect a greater degree of information before committing their own resources and capital to a sale.


    Commercial Due Diligence

    Our fast growing Commercial Due Diligence experts works to provide highly customized commercial transaction support to the M&A process of both private equity and corporate clients.


    Financial Due Diligence

    Our Financial Due Diligence experts is split between Acquisition Due Diligence and Vendor Due Diligence. Acquisition Due Diligence provides potential purchasers with analysis of target entities, while Vendor Due Diligence drives to add real value to the sales process when there is likely to be a number of interested bidders.


    Operational Due Diligence

    Our dedicated Operational Due Diligence team works alongside our financial and commercial due diligence specialists, using their functional and industry expertise to assess synergies, operational performance and operating metrics, as part of disposals, acquisitions or refinancing activities.